Arch. Olesh Kaye | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Arch. Olesh Kaye

Born in Poland. Olesh is Principle owner, managing partner and CEO at Kisselov Kaye Architects. Senior architecture lecturer at Oman- Bezalel. Former Senior Lecturer and Final Project Instructor at the Architecture department of Bezalel. An active member and competition judge in the IAUA. A founding member of the Rabbi Hanina neighborhood, an urban alternative and one of the most sought after neighborhoods in Israel’s central region.

Olesh’s works apply and concretize a unique interpretation of local architecture without imitating the past, but by merging the old with the new and exposing hidden treasures within the urban fabric. Over the course of the years, Olesh and his firm Kisselov Kaye Architects have acquired many areas of specialization in architecture and city planning. These bodies of knowledge were formed and deepened during the course of work on various complex projects. In addition to architectural design, the work in Olesh's office includes many unique studies ("urban study labs") that are undertaken as part of the design process.

These studies are an integral part of the work and support the consolidation of the architectural concept and the planning itself. The Urban Study Labs embrace interdisciplinary work with various bodies and organizations; surveys, community engagement facilitators, economical experts, marketing experts, engineers and so on. Theses symposiums enabling holistic decision making with public participation and a long-lasting relationship and interface between private practice and the architectural academic world and teaching.

Olesh pride himself on his professionalism, aesthetic sensibility and her expression of humanistic values. He advocates observation and attention, analysis, creativity and intellectual versatility in order to provide a finalized architectural work of art that is both functional and economical. Thea regards the Architectural discipline as a fertile ground composed of inseparable socioeconomic, cultural, technological and ecological elements. These elements are responsible for shaping the face of society and its future, creating (in the right hands) a platform of change, growth and pluralism.

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