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Germany’s substantial cultural influence on Israeli culture, in the past as well as in the present, is no secrete. German cultural presence can be traced in the history of Hebrew and Israeli culture in vast fields, among them are Architecture, Graphics, Design, as well as Philosophy, Literature, and Fine Arts. The main purpose of this conference – The 4th of Bezalel’s History & Theory Unit annual conference – is to have a closer look on those influences in the above mentioned fields, and thus to bring to focus the complex cultural, philosophical, social and political interrelations between Israel and Germany.

We would like to form different panels that will deal each with a specific field, in order to create an up to date vista of the cultural relations between the two nations. The discussions will deal with questions such as what seems to be the nature of the art produced in Israel in 2007 in reference to Germany?; Is this art different from art produced a few decades ago?; what can we learn from the young generation of German Artists referring to Israel?; What is the nature of art of the second or third generation born after 1945?; What were the unique characteristics of the art and design produced in Israel during the 1930's by exiled immigrants from Germany?

This up to date vista will be proceeded in a special issue of Bezale’s E-journal, ( that will be devoted entirely for this topic.

Our hope is that the conference, as well as the proceeded issue, will echo in both cultures, and promote further dialog and collaboration.

Paper proposals should be submitted to the History & Theory Unit by
January 30st 2008, to the following email address: Participants in the conference will be informed by the end of March 2008.

Conference organizers:
Dr. Dror Pimentel, History & Theory Unit, Bezlael
Dr. Dana Arieli-Horowitz, Head of the History & Theory Unit, Bezalel

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