Night Pharmacy - A performance and exhibition | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Night Pharmacy - A performance and exhibition


A performance and exhibition by the group (artists Elinor Sahm and Michal Roth and curator Tali Kayam)

Hansen House on 14 Gedalyahu Alon, Jerusalem.

Opening Night: March 28th, 2019  

Closing : Apr. 17th, 2019

The historic Hansen house in Jerusalem rejuvenates its youth with a therapeutic- creative project; Night Pharmacy. As part of this project, the Gallery on Hansen house’s ground floor will turn into an Alchemical Pharmacy.

The Alchemy is a proto science which preceded modern day chemistry and conventional western medicine. The main goal of the first Alchemists was to transmute plain metals into pure gold and to concoct an elixir for immortality.  

Unlike science and medicine, reported by patriarchal history as led by man - Alchemy had a founding Mother known by the name of Mary the Jewess, Who lived and worked in Hellenistic Alexandria sometime between the first and third century AD. Mary, mentioned in some ancient writings as “the daughter of Plato”, led the Alchemists to a healing practice meant to stabilize the body by defining a connection between elements within it and earthly substances taken from the ground. 

Night Pharmacy is a project , based on her inventions, displaying chapters from her life and allowing viewers to get acquainted with the principles of alchemy which were discovered by her in their own bodies. the project was created and initiated by the ‘ group’ , the artists Elinor Sahm and Michal Roth and the curator Tali Kayam, who research the link between the medical chart and the artistic portfolio. Night Pharmacy was first shown as part of the ‘Sabra’ festival in Curitiba, Brazil and will now open its gates at the Hansen House in Jerusalem ; the fruits of a close dialogue with the history of the hospital, a history of therapy, research and discovery.

The Audience is invited to receive a diagnosis and treatment to balance their body and soul.

Besides the opening night, the pharmacists will see patients on the following Wednesdays between 20:00-23:00:

During The rest of the time the Pharmacy will act as an exhibition showcasing the treatments by products.