A moment after what can’t be touched | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

A moment after what can’t be touched


The Master's Program in Fine Arts (MFA) invites the public to “A moment after what can’t be touched," a time and site-specific installation created in the space bordering the Program’s new studios on Herzl St. 119, Tel Aviv. Formerly an air conditioning supply store, the space served as the MFA's storage room and is now about to be torn down and rebuilt as the Master’s Program new art gallery. In this liminal state of the space, neither a shop nor yet a gallery, the artists have chosen to create a collective intervention, producing a material manifestation of the concept of suspension.

The exhibition is part of the MFA's “White Cube Course” for first year students (2020/2021) lead by curator Hadas Maor and the MFA Head, Prof. Dor Guez.

The installation "A moment after what can’t be touched" was created and curated collectively by eight artists: Yakira Ament, Elena Ceretti Stein, Neta Cones, Efrat Jacobovich, Shachaf Levy, Elinor Sahm, Maya Zehavi and Sharon Zuckerman Weiser.

Exhibition opening: Thursday, April 8th, 8:00 pm.