Open Studio • استوديو مفتوح • MFA Bezalel | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Open Studio • استوديو مفتوح • MFA Bezalel


A one-time opportunity to be exposed to works and - Studio based processes of first year students, Master of Arts, Bezalel.

For one weekend, the M.F.A building at 119 Herzl will become a pulsating space that extends to the length and breadth of the three-story building. In the main spaces, works will be displayed and representatives created by the students will be established in the past year, along with a number of joint works that were all created together in honor of the event. In each studio you will meet the students of the program and get a glimpse of what is
happening in their world.

1-3.7.21  | 119 Herzl st. Tel Aviv