Alloy | Exhibition by the Jewelry and Fashion Department in Munich | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Alloy | Exhibition by the Jewelry and Fashion Department in Munich


The jewelry exhibition 'Alloy', commissioned by the Design Museum at Pinakothek der Moderne, Munich (Die Neue Sammlung) seeks to reflect the spirit - the special "alloy"- of Bezalel jewelry from recent years, created by students and graduates of the Department of Jewelry and Fashion from all over Israel, from diverse sectors, ethnicities, and religions.

The connection between the department's European roots, especially German, alongside its geographical and cultural location in the Middle East, contributed to the development of an ideological and creative dialectic that stretches between opposing and complementary extremes.

The exhibited works express a tension between the universal and the local, between function and pure idea, between handicraft and industrial creation, between relying on the past and striving for contemporary representations, between East and West, between working in a bubble and responding to contemporary reality. In fact, these contrasts are the main characteristics of the Department Jewelry and Fashion.

Curators: Prof. Vared Kaminsky and Prof. Einat Lider

Saturday | 11.3.23 | 19:00
The Design Museum at the Pincotech der Moderne, Munich