Beyond What We Know | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Beyond What We Know

Unknown Lecture Sequence

The Master's Degree Program in Industrial Design invites you to an "unknown lecture sequence" evening as part of the exhibition of the Tel Aviv Art and Design Biennale 2023, at the Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv. The evening’s speakers will present a short lecture about the future and its visible and hidden contents in a manner that is loyal to the uncertainty at the heart of the exhibition.

The "Event Horizon ' Collective invited the first speaker, Haaretz journalist Neta Ahitov, who invited the second speaker, who invited the third, and so on for a series of unknown content and lectures. The evening will be moderated by Dr. Romi Mikulinsky, head of the Master's Degree Program in Industrial Design at Bezalel. Romi, who does not know who the speakers will be, will open and close the evening with a short panel that will create a broad and spontaneous view of the connections created between the speakers over the course of the evening.

Tuesday | 2.5.23 | 18:30

The Tower Square, Eretz Israel Museum, Tel Aviv

Alon Chalamit, TBA Novidit, 2021 (Photo: Dor Kdami)

תמונה של מפות מתוך העבודה תב״ע נוודית שמוצגת בתערוכת אופק האירועים - תערוכת התכנית לתואר שני בעיצוב תעשייתי בצלאל
Photography: Dor Kedmi

*Participation in the "Beyond What We Know" event is conditional on the purchase of an entrance ticket to the museum for the time of the event.

It is recommended to arrive before the time of the event to visit the Biennale exhibitions.

The exhibitions in the Tower Gallery, the Glass Pavilion, and the Nehushtan Pavilion will be open for event participants until 21:00.