The Garden of the Gates | Exhibition Opening | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

The Garden of the Gates | Exhibition Opening

Clore Art and Design Gallery

The Department of Fine Arts invites the general public to the opening of the exhibition “The Garden of the Gates”.

The garden is a product of culture, an open, alternative space. An artificial, controlled, maintained site. It is bounded, framed, and has borders. It is a place of refuge, an area of passions. A space where mythological narratives take place, a site of enchantment and disappearance. To open means to gape, to disclose, to inspect; and the opposite of opening is to seal, to lock, to close. Every garden has an opening, a gate through which you enter, a threshold - a site that marks the threshold of the garden. The works displayed in the gallery garden offer different thresholds that are also openings, dams between the spaces, fences; obstacles, traffic jams, and deadends. It is possible that they are also in the form of portholes and entrances - an opening that contains the epilogue.


תמונה של קיר עם 2 דלתות פתוחות, מאיה זהבי
Sharon Zuckerman Weiser, 'booting', 2021 (Photography: Maya Zahavi)


The artists exhibiting in the exhibition are graduates of the Department of Fine Arts at Bezalel and graduates of the Master's Degree Program in Fine Arts at Bezalel.

Participants: Or Arieli, Aniam Deri, Heli Yozevitz, Sharon Zuckerman, Avraham Kritzman, Noy and Tamir

Curator: Jossef Krispel

Opening:Tuesday | 6.6.23
17:00 Performance by the band "Madame Suzacka"
18:00 Celebratory toast

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem
Clore Art and Design Gallery
Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Campus, 1 Zmora St., Jerusalem


צילום של העבודה של אור אריאלי, כדור בתוך מסגרת ברזל שמתוכו יוצאות זרועות, צבעי פסטל בהירים
Or Arieli, 'Xenomorph', 2021 (Photography: Daniel Hanoch)