Eco-Feminism - Gender Meets Sustainability | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Eco-Feminism - Gender Meets Sustainability

A series of lectures

The Space for Gender Equality, in collaboration with the Bezalel’s Sustainable Development Hub, invites you to the first meeting in the “Eco-Feminism - Gender Meets Sustainability” lecture series.

The first lecture in the series: “Gender and the Climate Crisis”

What is the climate crisis, what caused it, what effect does it have in general and on women in particular, on a global and local scale, and where women can influence and enact change in the private and public space.

Lecture and conversation with Roni Brill, certified engineer in environmental quality, dealing with soil and water sciences, environmental engineering, and gender. Established a "Women in the Environment Forum" that brings together hundreds of professional women in the fields of environment and sustainability.

Online event
Wednesday | 14.6.23 | 20:00