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A Tribute to Balkrishna Doshi

The School of Architecture is pleased to invite you to the Hybrid Symposium.

It was only yesterday when we praised and hailed the architecture of exposed concrete: we enjoyed quoting Le Corbusier who said that “The business of Architecture is to establish emotional relationships by means of raw materials" or Alison and Peter Smithson who thought that the concrete architecture "drags a rough poetry out of the confused and powerful forces that are at work". We melted when Rami Karmi shared with us phraseologies such as "The concrete is a material full of darkness". 

But perhaps it is now time to revise our approach to concrete, as suggests the philosopher Anselm Jappe who considers this material as one of capitalism's "flag materials" just as the fossil fuel or plastic.

14.9.23 | 10:00-18:30
Le Corbusier / The Mill Owners' Association Building, Ahmedabad


בית בעלי מטוויות הטקסטיל של לה קורבוזיה, אחמדאבאד
Le Corbusier / The Mill Owners' Association Building, Ahmedabad, India, 1954. (photo: Akshaya Ramakrishnan)