The Embrace.Retrace Flash Lectures | The School of Architecture | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

The Embrace.Retrace Flash Lectures | The School of Architecture


The School of Architecture has put together a flash series of public lectures called Embrace.Retrace.

These lectures discuss the architectural rehabilitation, how to make the first step to create a knowledge base which will be implemented when the time comes to rehome the evacuated communities of the Western Negev and the area surrounding the Gaza strip and rehabilitate the affected areas.

Lecture #1
Arch. Yitav Busira – Design and Concern
Arch. Yuval Yeski – The Principles of Kibbutz Planning

Host: Arch. Osnat Tadmor

Wednesday | 25.10.23 | 18:00

Lecture #2
Prof. Arch. Els Verbakel, Head of the Department of Architecture – The Crisis of the Masterplan: Learning from Ground Zero
Arch. Danny Mintz – Archimedes' Outline: Between Resilience and Architecture

Host: Arch. Osnat Tadmor

Thursday | 26.10.23 | 18:00

Lecture #3
Arch. Yifat Finkelman – The Concept and the Event
Arch. Daniella Posek – Build.Back.Better?

Host: Arch. Osnat Tadmor

Tuesday | 31.10.23 | 18:00
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