Hadar Slassi won the RESHAPE Competition | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Hadar Slassi won the RESHAPE Competition

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Alum of the Jewelry and Fashion Department was awarded this prestigious honor at the 2019 RESHAPE Competition in the Smart Product category.

Hadar Slassi, a recent graduate of the Jewelry and Fashion Department, won the award for her final project, 'Walk of Mind', hybrid shoes that combine advanced technologies and traditional craft techniques. The shoes are built in a weave of 3D prints and faux leather that is processed by a special wetting method and are customized to the natural form of the foot.

Hadar explains: "My project started from a study of the place of shoes in Judaism. According to Judaism, the shoe is an object that connects man to the ground on which he stands. Also, the shoe signifies man's connection to the spirit. The research aroused in me the need to engage in natural contact and create a wearing experience that softens the tread and creates a connection between man, shoe and ground. That's how I started developing designed and layered shoes. The shoe-making process included digital and traditional technology design at the same time striving to harmonize between them."

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