Callout | The Residency Program for the graduates of the Masters Degree Program in the Arts

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The Masters Degree Program in the Arts invites its graduate to submit their candidacy for the Residency Program at the program's new home at 119 Herzel Street.


All generations of graduates of the Masters Degree Program in Arts may apply.


The period of stay in the studio begins in the month of December 2020 and ends in October 2021.


  • A studio in the new building at 119 Herzel Street, Tel Aviv – Free of charge
  • Working in a creative and dynamic artist environment
  • Participating in the program's extra-curriculum activities: lectures, workshops, studio visits with curators and artists from Israel and abroad, exhibitions and more
  • Summary Exhibit / Activity at the end of the stay


  • Application shall be drawn on one PDF file which does not exceed 10Mb in size. The name of the file will be the same as the applicant in English and must include the following details:
  • 1-3 page resume which includes: academic education, solo exhibitions, group exhibitions and publications.
  • 10-15 images of works or links to works
  • Catalogues and reviews from the press, if any.

Deadline for submission of candidacy: 21.11.20 to:

The judging panel will be put together from the program's faculty members.

Use of the studio shall be in accordance with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

Good Luck!