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Winners of the "Between the Drops" Competition

בין הטיפות - האייקון של התחרות
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The "Between the Drops" Project Competition constituted a first of its kind opportunity to rethink the design of Family health stations –'Tipat Halav' and their surroundings throughout the country, as part of a broad move initiated by Bezalel, the Van Leer Foundation and the Ministry of Health for their development. Out of the dozens who submitted their candidacy, the following are the winners:

First place in the "Building from Scratch" track, was awarded to the "Intermediate Design" team, which designed a structure surrounded by greenery in Kiryat Bialik. Team members: Amit Avni and Nitzan Dadon


First place in the "Adaptation" track, was awarded to the "AraDrop" team, which designed the renovation of a station in Arad while using local materials and attention to details. Team members: Mor Shitrit, Shai Litback, Yossi Hayu and Daphni Dagan.


Second place in the "Building from Scratch" track, was awarded to the "Offset 13" team, which created a pleasant courtyard for hanging out at the center of the station structure in Areb Al-Naim. Members of the team: Ayelet Shalit, Or Baranes Karin, Almog Tzabari, Alona Kosh, Ariel Sher, Josh Horowitz, Dor Gershowitz, Yuval Yadlin, Libat Eden, Lihi Algrenati, Nir Pepperberg, Noam Dahan and Rizak Bachbach.


Second place in the "Adaptation" track was awarded to the "Urban Unicorns" team, which designed the renovation of the Binyamina station while taking into account the building stages and use of existing topography to create additional play areas for the children. Members of the team: Uri Gilboa, Chen Einhorn and Hila Gantz.

The judging panel consisted of representatives from the project's partnering bodies: Bezalel, the Ministry of Health and the Bernard Van Leer Foundation. In addition, 2 international judges, experts in designing for pre-school children and their escorts were called in - Architect Skye Duncan, manager of the Global Designing Cities Initiatives at the National Association of City Transportation Officials, and Architect Takaharu Tezuka of the Tezuka Architects Firm in Tokyo, Japan.

The winners will move on to the next stage of the project, the Roundtable Phase, in which they, together with professionals from the health and design fields will draft the principle document for the planning and design of "Family Healthcare Center" ('Tipat Halav') structures in the upcoming decade.