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Design Research Lexicon by Bezalel MDes Graduates 2021

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Bezalel Industrial Design Master program presents: Design Research Lexicon by Bezalel MDes Graduates 2021.

Design Research DEFINED” is a website that provides an up-to-date overview and a unique perspective on design research. The lexicon was created as part of the graduation events in collaboration with graduates of the program’s three tracks: About Design, Design and Technology, and Design and Innovation Management. Each graduate chose and formulated a term, whether it is a well-known term that was elaborated and re-defined in a new context (for instance, “Translation” or “Instinctive Behavior”) or a new one coined by crossing different fields and concepts (for instance, “Emotional Literacy” and “Reflective Design”).

The purpose of the lexicon is to open a window, expand and enrich the final projects and unique perspectives of the graduating students, and to set the projects in a wider context and design discourse. Each term offers access to an individual mindset but also presents the practices of the design world as it is perceived by the class of 2021. The lexicon is a dynamic digital platform that the program wishes to further elaborate and expand with the terms of future graduates, so it will outline the interests and research subjects of the various classes as well as of the program as a whole.

Each year, the platform will add new contents based on the research carried out towards the final projects in the Master of Industrial Design program, where graduates formulate new approaches and insights in a range of research methodologies and outlooks.

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Curators: Aya Bentur & Naomi Slaney

Design & development: Jasmine Nackash

Producer: Marcelle Bitton

Media Design: Gil Warnik, Jasmine Nackash

Head of Program: Dr. Romi Mikulinsky

Heads of Tracks: Tal Mor-Sinai, Rinat Sherzer & Roee Bigger, Shlomi Azulay

Program Coordinator: Taryn Gilot