6 Out of the 10 2021 Winners of the Minister of Culture Prize are Bezalel Alumni and Faculty | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

6 Out of the 10 2021 Winners of the Minister of Culture Prize are Bezalel Alumni and Faculty

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Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem congratulates its alumni and lecturers who won
the Minister of Culture Prize for 2021.

Raya Bruckenthal | Graduated from the Fine Arts Department

A multidisciplinary artist who explores the religious experience in drawing, installations, and video art. Bruckenthal formulates a language that combines the sacred with the secular, a devout and fragile union, while breaking apart and reassembling myths, visual symbols, and icons of Hassidic and rabbinical culture from which she hails. The grand Belz Hasidic tradition merges into a mystical experience that draws on spiritual and kabbalistic sources of hidden light and a different space. Her work is an artistic and cultural document that soars from the other and secret agenda of Jewish culture and Hassidic feminism alongside a total artistic experience.

Noga Etzioni Yudkovik | Graduated from the Fine Arts Department

A sculptor and installation artist who explores personal and collective bereavement as the starting point for modular sculpting actions, consisting of multiple sculptural details that form systems of equilibrium and collapse. Over the years, her work has explored the iterations of emblems of heroism, victory, and mourning, heroism that breaks down to repetitive particles that form memory and time machines.

נגה יודקוביק־-עציוני, קשר עין. צילום: טל ניסים
Noga Etzioni Yudkovik, Eye Contact. Photo: Tal Nisim


Ran Slavin | Graduated from the Fine Arts Department

A multidisciplinary artist who focuses on video art, combining sound, image and movement, the language of cinema, digital media, and video. This action expands the range of Israeli language and culture. Slavin draws on local reality to create an alternative and complementary world of fictional imagery.

רן סלוין, מציאות רדומה. צילום: מקסים דינשטיין
Ran Slavin, Sleepery Reality. Photo: Maxim Dinshtein


Reuven Kuperman | Lecturer in the Photography Department

A painter whose work combines images from a range of contemporary and primitivist pop movements, as well as mediums like comic books, film, and various body cultures. From these he creates a fascinating and virile world, expanding the language of local art, both in the type of image and in the boldness of the gaze.

ראובן קופרמן, דיוקן עצמי / דיוקן גוף
Reuven Kuperman, Self-Portrait/Body-Portrait


Eli Singalovski | Graduated from the Photography Department

A photographer who creates a fascinating world of images informed by the histories of photography and photographic media. His work is current, contemporary, and offers contemplation on local Israeli history. Singalovski’s photographic world examines the affinity between the Brutalist style of Israeli architecture and Israeli society and politics.

Eli Singalovski

Eitan Buganim | Graduated from the Fine Arts Department

A video artist whose practice is diaristic in nature, and creates film-based video and photography works that are later set in installations. Buganim’s visual language creates a sensory and visual viewing experience that underscores the unattainability of things, the longing. His work touches on family and neighborhood relationships from an anti-heroic approach.


Eitan Buganim

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