Graduation ceremony for the 2022 Bezalel graduates | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Graduation ceremony for the 2022 Bezalel graduates

Bezalel congratulates the graduates of the 2022 undergraduate and graduate degrees on the receipt of their diplomas
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The exciting and festive ceremony for Bezalel graduates took place last Friday in the Shrober Hall at the Jerusalem Theater.
The president of the academy, Prof. Adi Stern, said in his speech: "Today, as in the past, we aim to train creators who strive for excellence, who are zealous for quality, who understand the environment in which they operate, the power in their hands and the responsibility placed on their shoulders. Original creators with the desire and ability to lead, and influence the culture, society, and economy in Israel, and in the world. These creators are you.'


עדי שטרן נושא נאום בטקס בוגרים ובוגרות תשפ״ב
Prof. Adi Stern, President of Bezalel (Photography: Rotem Ruzman)

Michal Rovner, the winner of the 2015 Israel Prize in the field of visual arts, Bezalel graduate, and beloved artist also spoke: "The most important thing from this moment on, when you step out of the doors of the place into the world, is to find your inner voice. This is the challenge and even the biggest battle. To be persistent about that voice and inner drive.'

מיכל רובנר נושאת דברים בטקס בוגרים ובוגרות תשפ״ב
Michal Rovner, winner of the Israel Prize for Plastic Art (Photo: Rotem Rozman)


Representatives of the graduates summarized the study experience. Aram Amir Pundak, a graduate of the Industrial Design Department, said: "Studying at Bezalel was an exciting experience. This house is a symbol, we worked hard and changed. Thanks to Bezalel, we have become more thoughtful, more critical, more successful, and more professional people. To be a Bezalel graduate - that's an essence that will stay with us."

ארם עמיר פונדק נואם בטקס בוגרים ובוגרות תפש״ב
Aram Amir Pundak (Photo: Rotem Rozman)


Rinat Hadar, graduate of the Master's Program in Visual Communication: "We are climbing new peaks and becoming the cutting edge of the creative fields. Of course we wouldn't have gotten there if it weren't for complete systems that surrounded us."

רינת הדר,בוגרת תכנית התואר השני בתקשורת חזותית (צילום: רתם רוזמן)
Rinat Hadar, graduate of the Master's Degree Program in Visual Communication (photo: Rotem Rozman)