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Call for Proposals | Wrapping memory

An open call for an illustration project for residents of the Gaza Envelope
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The Department of Visual Communication invites graduates and lecturers of the department to participate in a special illustration project to commemorate the beauty of the Gaza Envelope and its communities as they were before the disaster. The illustrations will be presented to the public via a designated website donated by the high-tech company WIX. All proceeds from the website will be donated to a non-profit organization dedicated to the aid and rehabilitation of the Gaza Envelope and the residents who were affected by the disaster. In the future, it may be possible for the illustrations to be printed at kibbutz Be'eri's printing factory, which is slowly returning to operate.

The project will be carried out in two stages, due to its highly sensitive nature:

Stage one: Illustrating a place or an environment

In this stage the illustrations will focus on the atmosphere and mood of the place as they were before the disaster, emphasizing landscapes, iconic buildings and structures, and the like. At this time, due to the sensitive nature of the initiative, figures may be placed in the illustrations, but not as portraits of actual people. It is important to refer to and emphasize all forms of residents and communities in the Gaza Envelope: Kibbutzim, towns, cities, Bedouin villages, and more.

Submission Deadline:

Wednesday | 25.10.2023

Stage two: Personal memory and commemoration

In this stage the department will contact professional designers and illustrators who are working with the survivors of the disaster or with evacuees of the Gaza Envelope. Those interested in sharing photographs of their loved ones, they will be commemorated in an illustration.

At this time there is no start date or deadline for stage two.

How you chose to participate is up to your discretion: You can illustrate multiple drawings, participate in just one of the stages, or not participate at all.

We encourage you to document your work process through photography or animation.

Submission guidelines for uploading file formats:

Horizontal A4 format to be saved in two files –

For printing: PDF DPI 300

For presenting online: Horizontal format, jpg or png 1240*1754 resolution 72dpi

  • When you are ready for submission please write your full name on the file and upload it the designated Google Drive folder. In this folder there are photographs you can use for inspiration from communities of the Gaza Envelope before the disaster.
  • If you are working by hand, the illustration must be scanned in high-res for printing.
  • The illustration is to be signed with you name, in the language of your choice.
  • Open this form and fill in your details, along with a short bio about yourself and your illustration (name, techniques, inspiration).

Please register by

Sunday | 22.10.2023

Via email

Any question or query can be submitted via email to the project coordinator, Amit Trainin, head of the illustration discipline in the Department of Visual Communication.