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Update from Bezalel: Postponement of the Academic Year

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Dear Bezalel Community,

The start of the school year will be postponed due to the war. Our goal is to minimize, as much as possible, the negative effects to the community, which includes reservists, their families, the families of the evacuees, and families whose loved ones were murdered, kidnapped, or injured.

At the time of writing, the opening date of the semester is set for December 3, 2023. Should there be a change in the opening date of the year, we will strive to announce the new opening date with at least a week's advance notice.

Our aim is for the school year to take place in its entirety and include two full semesters. As the need arises, the second semester will be extended into summer, as was done in the previous school year.

In light of the circumstances, collection of the tuition payment scheduled for November 15, 2023 will not take place.

Hoping for quiet and safe days,
The Bezalel Administration.