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Guidelines regarding freedom of expression and creation at this time

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Freedom of expression and creation is a condition for the teaching and learning processes at Bezalel, and its realization requires a safe space for trial and error and mistakes. The professional and personal development processes of students include situations of personal exposure, vulnerability, and processing raw thoughts and feelings, and therefore require a feeling of protection. Bezalel works to maintain this feeling amongst its members and its community, so that each and every one will have an equal opportunity to develop and become established as an active creator in society.

The massacre committed by Hamas on October 7, 2023 and the war that began in its aftermath led to deep shock, difficult feelings, and the radicalization of attitudes. The situation takes a heavy toll on the body, soul, and property, both among Israeli citizens and IDF soldiers, and among innocent citizens in the Gaza Strip. The events of the massacre and the war lead to the radicalization of discourse as well as to an increase in the amount and intensity of cases of violence, and expressions of racism and harassment, which arouse in many people feelings of fear, anxiety, anger, grief and confusion. These processes have also penetrated the Bezalel community, opening rifts and reminding us of the fragility of the shared space. Under these circumstances, our mission to establish a protected, inclusive, creativeת and fruitful learning space is surpassingly complex. At the same time - it is necessary.

Bezalel is an inclusive academic space that reflects the social and political diversity of Israeli society. The academy brings together the realities of life, different identities, and complex and contradictory worldviews. Despite the tensions and conflicts that may arise in meetings, classes, and other spaces in the academy, the diversity of populations and opinions at Bezalel is a condition for significant creative and learning processes, and for Bezalel's central contribution to intellectual life, culture and creativity in Israel.

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