Gallery talk and tour at the ‘Wrapping Memory' exhibition | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Gallery talk and tour at the ‘Wrapping Memory' exhibition

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Bezalel held a gallery talk and a tour of the exhibition Wrapping Memory, as part of "Outline - Illustration and Words in Jerusalem", initiated by the Culture and Arts Department at Jerusalem's Municipality.

The gallery talk took place with the participation of Prof. Dan Arieli, Prof. Michel Kichka, Orit Bergman, Major General (res.) Nimrod Shafer, and hosted by Amit Trainin. As part of the event, Eviatar Banai performed with a small taste of his new album "Anchor in the Water".

The illustration 'Nir Yitzhak', drawn by a graduate of the Department of Visual Communication, Orin Kidron, as part of the Wrapping Memory project, is used as the cover of Banai's album.

איור של שדות ניר יצחק, טכניקה: איור דיגיטלי
Orin Kidron, Nir Yitzhak, 2023

Wrapping Memory is an illustration project that seeks to commemorate the beauty of the land of the Gaza Envelope before the terrible disaster that occurred there on Saturday, October 7, 2023, with the aim of raising donations for area residents who were affected by the disaster. To date, the illustration project has raised over a million shekels, a donation to the residents of the surrounding area.

Voluntary participants in the project are lecturers, graduates and fourth-year students from the Department of Visual Communication, in cooperation with the Shoresh Foundation and the WIX company.

The Wrapping Memory site