From the shortlist to the Oscar | The movie "Letter to a Pig" is available to watch | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

From the shortlist to the Oscar | The movie "Letter to a Pig" is available to watch

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The film ‘Letter to a Pig’, created by the animation director, Tal Kantor, lecturer and graduate of the Department of Screen-Based Arts, is available for viewing online for a limited time. The film is currently competing in the Oscar shortlist.

About the film: On Memorial Day, a Holocaust survivor reads a letter to the pig that saved his life. A young student who hears his testimony in her class sinks into a dark dream. In the depths of the subconscious, where the line between the animal and the human blurs, she faces great questions of identity, the transmission of collective trauma and compassion.

Kantor describes how one of the scenes in her film was created: "This scene was inspired by an unforgettable moment from a dream I had as a young schoolgirl. I vividly remembered details of this dream for years, like the weight of a small pig trembling in my hand and its soft touch. That memory left a powerful imprint on me and over a decade later, along with a few other memories, it eventually turned into a strong desire to make this film.”

Tal Kantor' Letter to a Pig

The film "Letter to a Pig" won an Ophir award, and won dozens of other awards and participated in many festivals in Israel and around the world.

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