An installation for the return of the hostages | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

An installation for the return of the hostages

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Bezalel joined the support and solidarity events in a joint call for the immediate return of the hostages held by Hamas for 100 days.

At the entrance to the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Campus, an active installation was set up that included 136 easels, equal to the number of hostages remaining in captivity, placed in the main lobby area. Dozens of students from the various departments chose to express support and solidarity by writing and drawing on the yellow sheets.

Bezalel's president, Prof. Adi Stern: "We have no way of understanding the kidnapping, the captivity, of the innocent, of the elderly, of the sick, of children, of babies. 136 abductees and abductions. The thought of all those who have been there for a hundred days, and the thought of their families, hanging by a thread, waiting for a sign of life, this thought is unbearable. It is a wound that does not stop spilling blood, a wound that longs for healing. We embrace the bereaved families, whose loved ones were murdered. Unfortunately, we know quite a few of these, even here among our friends in the Bezalel community. The terrible pain pierces the heart. We wish and long for the safe return of the hostages and the missing. And we wish a speedy and complete recovery to the injured."