Post-Its installation | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Post-Its installation

at the Ralph Inbar Gallery of the Department of Screen-Based Arts
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A Post-Its installation was set up in the Ralph Inbar Gallery of the Department of Screen-Based Arts. The installation consists of thousands of post-it notes, donated by the 3M company.

The chosen image, a field of anemones in the Gaza Envelope, was suggested by third-year student Noam Gihon, who is currently serving in reserve duty. The Department of Screen-Based Arts saw the importance of bringing Noam's idea to fruition with the goal of reminding everyone that the recruited students are an important part of the department and that the department is proud to present their choice in a prominent and central place.

The general public is invited to write and draw on the inner side of the notes, as a tribute to the single pixel, as well as to the traditional way of presenting a storyboard.

מיצב פוסט-איטס בגלריה של המחלקה לאמנויות המסך, מורכב מאלפי דפי ממו קטנים
Photography: Tama Gazit