The film "Letter to a Pig" has been nominated for an Oscar | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

The film "Letter to a Pig" has been nominated for an Oscar

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The film "A Letter to a Pig" was announced as a candidate for the Academy Award in the Best Animated Short Film Category.

The film "Letter to a Pig" by the animation director, Tal Kantor, lecturer and graduate of the Department of Screen-Based Arts, tells the story of a Holocaust survivor who reads a letter he wrote to a pig that saved his life. A young student hears his testimony in class and sinks into a dark dream in which she faces questions of identity, collective trauma and the extremes of human nature.


Since she was in high school, a childhood memory haunts director Kantor: her class met a Holocaust survivor, who told them that a pig saved his life. Although the animal is considered impure in Judaism, in his case it turned out to be a guardian angel, using its body to shield him from the Nazis who were looking for him. The Jewish survivor of course did not forget the pig, and years later wrote him a letter of thanks.

The film "Letter to a Pig" won the Ophir Award, along with dozens of other awards, and participated in many festivals in Israel and around the world.

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"A Letter to a Pig", produced by The Hive Studio/Miyu Productions

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