Walla! | A special course at Bezalel for students with disabilities | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Walla! | A special course at Bezalel for students with disabilities

In collaboration with "Israel Elwyn"
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The exhibition "When is time, where is place?", created as part of a joint academic course between Bezalel and the Israel Elwyn association, which combines students from all departments at Bezalel and students with intellectual disabilities.

The exhibition presents an extraordinary dialogue that takes place through exposure to artistic and design concepts and tools. The purpose of the course, established as an initiative of the Department of Visual and Material Culture at Bezalel, is to impart confidence and a sense of independence through projects that combine animation, illustration and writing, while conducting in-depth research on the subject. The emphasis is on specific challenges in terms of time and the creation of innovative solutions for the course participants.

The lecturers who initiated the course are Ruth Kantor, a senior lecturer in the Department of Visual Communication and the head of the Space for Gender Equality at Bezalel, and Dr. Tal Mor Sinai, the head of the ‘About Design’ track in the master's degree program in industrial design: "In addition to the significant experience, the learning outcomes of the course should make it part of the training of artists and designers in civil society as part of Bezalel's pedagogical concept, alongside acquiring a new perspective in the field of departmental knowledge, imparting the learned knowledge and course topics to the students of Israel Elwyn, and participating in an ongoing reflective process.”

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