Bezalel graduates won the 'World's Best Design Talents' award by One&Twenty | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Bezalel graduates won the 'World's Best Design Talents' award by One&Twenty

Eva Ben Amo and Nir Neria
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Eva Ben Amo and Nir Neria, graduates of the Department of Industrial Design, are among the winners of the 'World's Best Design Talents' award by One&Twenty - an international design competition for young designers on behalf of the German Design Council. The 21 winning projects will be presented at design week in Milan next month.

About the projects:

Nir Neria | CoPine
The CoPine bag is the product of a new weaving technique. As part of the project, a dedicated loom was built that allows the weaving of sheets designed to a precise cut. The combination of the materials creates an innovative textile with structures and flexibility that allows processing and has a naturally shiny appearance. In addition, copper and pine needles have antiviral properties.


ניר נריה, CoPine


Eva Ben Amo | Off the grid
The project deals with the dyeing of silk fabric using a pen plotter inspired by the technique of silk dyeing. In collaboration with Antonia Gauss (textile design, ABK Stuttgart), the project develops a new dyeing system and makes it possible to re-examine the border between development and tradition, by combining an industrial creation characterized by precision and repetition with a manual creation characterized by randomness and uniqueness. Combining the two disciplines makes it possible to learn the perspective and knowledge of the other. The results include silk sheets painted with line and spread patterns, expressing the dance created between the designers and the machine.
Moderator: Nitzan Debi


אוה בן עמו, off the grid, פרויקט גמר, המחלקה לעיצוב תעשייתי, 2023

Milan Design Week
April 15-21, 2024
Amy-d Arte Spazio, Via Lovanio 6, Brera, Milan

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