Talia Toktaly won the Mordechai Ish-Shalom Lifetime Achievement Award

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The Mordechai Ish-Shalom Lifetime Achievement Award is presented each year to an Israeli artist for a lifetime achievement or contribution to art, on behalf of the Association of Painters and Sculptors and the Artists' House in Jerusalem since 1988. The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design in Jerusalem, congratulates the artist Talia Toktaly, a graduate of the Department of Ceramic and Glass Design in which she was a senior lecturer, for winning the 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award.

The judges' reasoning: "An exceptional artists who moves between high technical expertise in the field of ceramics and real art, unbound to material or topic, and who engages in the transformation of matter into spirit."

For the full article on the win published in Erev-Rav - https://www.erev-rav.com/archives/52194 >>

Image: 'Dogs lying around', Talia Toktaly, from the 'Hunting Workshop Installation', 2012, Artists' House, Jerusalem