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"Forbidden / Allowed" | Innovation Laboratory

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Each year, hundreds of detainees and inmates are treated in hospitals in Israel handcuffed by their hands and feet, sometimes to their beds or to another inanimate object. In many cases, the restraints prevent them from moving, rolling over, sleeping or even using the bathroom. The provisions of the law instruct to handcuff a detainee/prisoner in the event he is dangerous and/or constitutes a flight risk. In practice, all of the detainees/ inmates treated in hospitals are handcuffed as a matter of routine, without taking into account any consideration of danger or flight risk. The unnecessary restraints often result in real medical harm to patients, grossly violating their fundamental rights, and forces the treating staff to break their ethical commitment. The Innovation Consortium JLM-IMPACT, a joint venture of Bezalel, the Hebrew University and the Azrieli College, in collaboration with the Shaare Zedek Medical Center hereby invite students, faculty and alumni to participate in the "Forbidden / Allowed" Innovation Laboratory, which seeks to develop solutions to the problem, in a manner that will enable optimal public safety on the one hand, and securing the rights of the detainee/ inmate, on the other.

More details in the link https://jlmimpact.org.il/asurmutar/: The JLM IMPACT Entrepreneurship Consortium, in which Bezalel is a partner, together with the Shaare Zedek Medical Center, to participate in the "Forbidden/ Allowed" Innovation Laboratory.