Yuval Atzili received the ARTIQ Award for Gay Art 2020

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Yuval Atzili, graduate of the Department of Photography and the Masters Degree in Arts, is the winner of the ARTIQ Program Award for the year 2020 – Israeli Gay Art. The award is given each year for the promotion of gay and queer art in Israel.

The judges' reasoning: "His works deal with different representations of masculinity; in the tension that exists between the masculine-normative and homo-erotic, while undermining the conventions in selecting the photographed subject and manner of presenting them. Among the imagery, topics and photographed subjects, he inserts his personal story. Atzili's works examine personal, familial and national boundaries; masculinity and soccer, the genre of pregnancy and hetronormative/ queer family photography, and more."

To the complete article in Portfolio https://www.prtfl.co.il/archives/140996