Dr. Ravid Rovner | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Dr. Ravid Rovner

Dr. Ravid Rovner is an academic and curator in the field of design, with a focus on the convergence of design history, theory, and philosophy. She holds a B.Des in Industrial Design and a PhD in Philosophy. Her scholarly contributions to design theory explore diverse topics such as the history of originality, the idea of ‘truth to material’, critical design, and gender design. Rovner wrote the curriculum for the Israeli high school diploma in design, “Aspects of Design History”.

She has curated exhibitions on object poetry and rhizomatic mind mapping, a research technique instructs as a tool for research innovation. Her forthcoming book on “Beit Hayotzer” ceramic factory promises to illuminate the invention of tradition through ceramic design. At Bezalel, Rovner teaches design research, rhizomatic research, critical design, and gender design.


Rhizomatic Mind Map, History of Design, 2013