Bezalel International Lecture Series in memory of Stuart B. Young

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The Bezalel International Lecture Series brings a famous artist, designer or architect to Bezalel for a phenomenal lecture. It is a new and exciting venture, which will expose our students to knowledge, ideas and experiences from global artists, designers and philosophers. This annual lecture series provides students, faculty and the wider public with the opportunity to learn from the greatest artists of today. 

This opportunity not only provides Bezalel's audience with an important learning experience but also introduces the artist to the intricate and manifold cultural, socio-political and architectural landscapes of Jerusalem and the region.

The Bezalel International Lecture Series has been made possible due to support from Toni Young in memory of her husband Stuart B. Young who passionately served on the Board of Directors of both Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design and Friends of Bezalel until his sudden passing in 2014.


- Alice Rawsthorn - department of Industrial Design in collaboration with History and Theory, May 2018.

- Petra Blaisse – department of Architecture, December 2017.   More Informaion
Media Coverage : JVOICE - June 2018