Dead sea seminar's week | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Dead sea seminar's week


The Dead Sea Design Seminar will take place on Tuesday - Thursday 18-20.12.07.

Traditionally, during this time of year the Department of Industrial Design holds a week long seminar, throughout which guest lecturers as well as the faculty usually take part. This year, it has been decided that this period of time will be dedicated to a design event, thus giving a small pause during the intense semester, and serving as a platform for other kinds of activities.


Transfer of information from one side of the world to the other in a matter of seconds; sophisticated plans on a computer turning into a 3-dimentional object in completely different location; the experience and enjoyment of design are not restricted to the 3-dimentional world of planning and designing with complex materials. These are just some of the advantages of the period of time in which we are living.


With that in mind, the actual act of design can often be simple and by use of very basic technologies.


The Dead Sea Seminar aims to embody the experience of designing from this basic point, and enhance the added value of designing within the natural limits of the place in which we live.


Different activities and seminars will take place under the title: "Low-Tech Design in the Lowest Place on Earth".

On-location lectures about ancient and primitive technologies (in Morocco) as well as material workshops, basic design, sand casting, natural lighting, felt, fencing and more – are just part of what is planned.