Every Day Life – An International Dialogue in Words and Illustrations | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Every Day Life – An International Dialogue in Words and Illustrations



Felix Scheinberger has been working on the international artistic exchange "Every-Day Life" between Israel and Germany with the chief editor and the art director of the German magazine "Belletristik" since November 2008. 

A selection of  young German authors who have had a formative impact on young German literary life have contributed texts for a special edition of the "Belletristik" which will be published in March 2009. The general theme of the publication is "Every-Day Life", and so the authors wrote their texts in this context. The texts have been interpreted by young artists in Felix Scheinberger's illustration course at the Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design in Jerusalem. 

During the months of this collaboration, the initiators have been working closely together with the illustrators for this special edition of the magazine "Belletristik". The collaboration has been successful for all parties, and following this success, the publishers have decided to put out another publication, a documentation of the project "Every-Day Life". The war in Gaza will also be part of this documentation. How "Every-Day Life" can change during the period of only a few months has to be presented to the readers of the magazine and the public in general. Especially on the background of terrible news from Israel, young artists with their respective art can contribute to the creation of new perspectives. In February, the publisher and the art director of "Belletristik" will travel to Jerusalem to work with the students and to present the project "Every-Day Life" in Jerusalem.   

The presentation of the project will take place at the Goethe-Institut Jerusalem on February 5th, 2009. The publisher will read the texts and the illustrations will be on display.  

Participating authors: Dana Buchzik, Jan Decker, Johannes CS Frank, Christophe Fricker, Alexander Graeff, Andreas Hutt, Felix Lüttge, Johanna Melzow, Ulrike Almut Sandig, Cornelia Schmerle, Thien Tran, Jan Wagner, Ron Winkler  Participating artists form Felix Scheinberger's course at Bezalel: Lena Baklanova, Ada Biedka, Racheli Brenig, Yoav Brill, Miki Burde, Sofia R. Cohen, Helena Czernek, Miriam Davidorf, Guy Eytan, Miryam Ganz, Gidi Gilam, Itai Ron Gilboa, Idan Gilboa, Oren Hetzroni, Tamar Hochstadter, Oree Holban, Eva Holder, Kartoha Ira, Alyssia Kremin, Noa Livneh, Noa Platt, Jenny Pokryvailo, Nitzan Ron, Sury Rony, Rotem Sadi, Dalit Shalom, Anna Shervchenko, Asaf Shub, Jenny Sirton, Ade´la Skalova, Inbal Strauss, Miryam Vilnerganz, Adi Yerushalmi, Paul Zörker.