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Elovic Prizes in memory of Ilana Elovic z"l

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Elovic Prizes in memory of Ilana Elovic z"l

Ilana Elovic's works

 Awards presented, thanks to the generosity of Dr. Eugene Elovic, in memory of his wife, Ilana Elovic z"l.  Ilana passed away four years ago after battling cancer.  She loved art and design and personally dealt with all kinds of art, including painting, ceramics, glass and jewelry.  The prizes were awarded to outstanding students in their 4th year of studies in the departments of jewelry and fashion, ceramics and glass design, and fine art.  The prize winners were chosen by departmental committees on the basis of excellence and innovation.  The candidates were chosen in June and the prize winners were decided during the end of year exhibition at a ceremony, in the presence of Dr. Elovic and his family.  The ceremony took place on Friday, July 30, 2010.

 The winners are:

 Fine Art Department:

Tchelet Ram - $2000

 Jewelry and Fashion Department:

First Prize – Keren Peretz - $2500

Second Prize – Ami Ronen - $1500

Third Prize – Lior Charchy - $1000

 Ceramics and Glass Design Department:

First Prize – Moriah Edar - $2500

Second Prize – Shulamit Etsion - $1500

Third Prize – Katerina Vergalis - $1000