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InputOutput | Palette

The Edmond de Rothschild Center hosts the Bezalel Fellows program - the opening of two group exhibitions

Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem, in collaboration with the Edmond de Rothschild Foundation, are honored to invite the general public to the opening of two group exhibitions at the Edmond de Rothschild Center as part of the Bezalel Fellows program: 'InputOutput' | 'Palette'

In what way is the personal biography of each and every one of us embodied in the "output" phase? Is the intuitive move in the end fruitful or limiting?

דימוי מתוך בר וקנין, המעפיל, 2023, אנימציה
Bar Vaknin, 'The Qualifier', 2023


The 'InputOutput' exhibition presents the eighth cycle of the Bezalel Fellows Program. In the exhibition, eight graduates will present works created following individual and group guidance that provide a glimpse of the informal creative processes in the studio. The exhibition site functions as a laboratory, and various aspects of the welding of materials, the transformation of images, and acts of disassembly and assembly arise out of impulse, trial and error. The works draw attention to concepts such as intuition and data processing, and examine the immediate sources of inspiration.


כד גדול בחלל, מתוך תערוכת הבוגרים, מיכל לוי-גור, 2022
Michal Levy-Gur, 'Thoughts on an Urn', Department of Ceramic and Glass Design, 2022 (Photo: Michael Swadron)


Curator: Hadassah Cohen
Program Fellows: Nadav Dagani, Bar Vaknin, Yuval Wolpe, Kame Zamora, Shalom Chai, Michal Levy-Gur, Miriam Rot, Yonatan Reisner
Program Management Fellows at Bezalel: Shanit Adam and Daniel Kapp


'Palette' | Children's exhibition for children

How is the familiar teacher-student hierarchy broken in favor of a system of multiple voices? An artist and a child create side by side, with each other's advice and sometimes with each other. While in the school space, the teacher provides the study material, teaches from their knowledge and experience, and conveys their world view. In the studio space, the physical material is the main material - around it the subjects move, and with them imagination and dreams, creativity and invention. The meeting between these two spaces serves as a platform for a unique relationship between its participants.


תמונה של יד של ילד אוסף צבע מפלטת צבעים בעזרת שפכטל
Bezalel Fellows, 2023 (Photography: Daniel Hanoch)


About Bezalel Fellows
Bezalel Fellows is a two-year program in which 16 fellows operate: 8 students in their last year at the academy and 8 graduates in their first year outside of it. The fellows are combined in pairs in eight schools in Bat Yam and Jerusalem, and act as artists in a classroom that has been converted into a studio space. The studio is an experiential creative space where the students of the school are invited to experiment with diverse work processes under the guidance of two fellows. In addition, the studio also allows the graduate fellow to focus on their artistic work independently, thereby helping them transition from the academy to building an artistic and design career that is integrated with social activity.

Thursday | 18.5.23 | 19:00
Edmond de Rothschild Center
104 Sderot Rothschild, Tel Aviv