Bezalel's second job fair and conference | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Bezalel's second job fair and conference


The Bezalel Space for Career Development, in collaboration with the Student Union, is pleased to announce the second job fair and conference at Bezalel.

The conference will include workshops and lectures that provide students with answers pertaining to the day after receipt of their degree that deal with diverse topics such as: how to submit to calls for proposals, how to talk about money with a client, the steps to starting an independent business, how to get hired in high-tech, and how to manage the most successful Instagram account in Israel alongside a career and a relationship.

Participants in the conference include:
Ronit Kfir - Specialist in workshops dealing with communication with clients
Yehuda and Maya Dvir - Illustrators, among the most prominent web personalities in Israel, graduates of Bezalel
Liat Livni - Artist, founder and manager of the Facebook group "Calling for a Residency for Artists with Funding", graduate of Bezalel
Tal Maimon and Ben Lev - Designers and design managers at RiseUp, graduates of Bezalel
Niv Tobul - One of the founders of the SNEAKY PANDA gaming company, graduate of Bezalel
Maayan Levitsky and Simona Katzman - Senior designers at Designit
Yifat Rozman - Design manager at Lightricks, graduate of Bezalel
Aliza Green - Recruitment manager at Lightricks
Bar Libaro and Or Weinstein - Employment coordinators and workshop facilitators within the Jerusalem Municipality Youth Center
Bat El Maimon - Manager of employer relations at the Employment Center in Jerusalem
Rozi Museri - Coordinator of courses and training at the Jerusalem Municipality Youth Center
Lydia Maltin - Project manager and producer, working to minimize the damage of bureaucracy

Expert Panel - The Importance of Combining Creation with Teaching

Inbal Holzer - Artist, educator, graduate of Bezalel; Yohai Avrahami -  artist, lecturer in the Department of Fine Arts and member of the Teaching Center at Bezalel; Assaf Alkalai and Daniel Kapp - Artists, members of the Dean of Students, graduates of Bezalel

Among the participants in the fair: Design and advertising offices, the Animators' Association, the Artists' Association, the Employment Center of the Jerusalem Municipality, and more.

Monday | 19.6.23

The job fair - 13:00

The employment conference - 17:30

Bezalel Academy of Art and Design Jerusalem
Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Campus, 1 Zmora St., Jerusalem