"The Golden Notebook" | Launch of Volume I - Nahum Tevet | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

"The Golden Notebook" | Launch of Volume I - Nahum Tevet


The Romie and Blanche Shapiro Department of Fine Arts at Bezalel is honored to invite you to the launch of the first volume in the Golden Notebook book series, published in collaboration with Asia publishing house. This year, the volume is awarded to the artist Nachum Tevet, one of the top artists working in the local and international art scene and a prominent and influential lecturer at Bezalel.

Tevet's abundant spirit influenced many generations of artists who became leaders in Israel. His unique sculptural language offers, through basic and simple materials such as paint and wood, elaborate systems of observation mechanisms on the place and its features. His works represented post-minimalist moves that stood at the forefront of the modernist architectural and artistic enterprise, through a hybridization of the white cube, the domestic space, and sculpture that originated in painting. His works created fields of simple and complex actions with many effects, which have long been assimilated into the local canon.

Tevet's reference to the term 'work' and not “creation”, “painting”, or “sculpture” - demonstrates deviation from the familiar narrative that his work presented to the local art community, and folds into it principled thinking and action mechanisms that are still used as inherent tools in the work of many artists.

'The Golden Notebook' is a new book series by the Bezalel Department of Fine Arts, in collaboration with the Asia publishing house, which offers the local reader an intimate look at works that have not yet been revealed, and exposure to a contemporary discourse of artists from the department with first-rate artists in the Israeli art field.

The event’s speakers include:
Jossef Krispel, Words of Blessing
Leah Avital, Zeno's Paradox
Maayan Maayan Elyakim, Perspective
Nahum Tevet, Several Things

Monday | April 15, 2024 | 10:00
Russell Berrie Auditorium, -2nd floor
Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem
Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Campus