Exhibition Open Call | The Women of Bezalel | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Exhibition Open Call | The Women of Bezalel

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In 1912, when she was only 17, Miriam Nissenholtz – commonly known as “Hadgadya” – became the first women to attend the art department at the “Old Bezalel”.

At the same time, a statistical survey published in 1911 by Dr. Joseph Lurie reveals that out of 265 students and staff at Bezalel Academy – about 149 were women. Meaning, women made up more than half of Bezalel’s population; they served as workers in several departments of Bezalel workshop: the carpet department, the lace department, and in the copper department, where men also worked. Most of them were girls aged 12-16 from the "Old Yishuv."

The space for Gender Equity at Bezalel invites the entire community of Bezalel to submit works that address the past as it is expressed in works and photos from the time of Old Bezalel and respond to contemporary gender discourse.

The selected works will be exhibited at Bezalel main gallery in March 2022.

Existing or new works in all mediums are eligible.

Deadline: 7.2.22

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