The Event Horizon | Open call | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

The Event Horizon | Open call

for submission to an exhibition by the Master's Degree Program in Industrial Design, as part of the 2023 Eretz Israel Museum Arts and Design Biennale
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What provides us with a sense of certainty? Religion? Science? Government? Communication?

In Israel and around the world, the political system fails to stabilize; Science, and the interests on whose behalf it operates, has become questionable in the eyes of many, during the Covid pandemic more than ever;  The economic system is becoming more and more chaotic, and the media is not managing to establish itself as a clear voice of verified truth, due to the strengthening of different channels presenting parallel realities that do not interface with each other.  The authority of these entities is deteriorating when the information we consume is not stored and is not checked.

It appears that we are approaching the "event horizon", that point on the edge of a black hole where time seems to freeze, and information completely disappears from the viewer's eyes. Big technologies offer us a post-humanist future, in which the seeds of artificial intelligence are planted today, but what they will bear is probabilistic at best, and out of our hands at worst. The absence of these anchors dismantles rational thinking as an organizing social idea, and it is abandoned in favor of a different type of decision-making - personal rather than collective; intuitive, often driven by a balance between internal beliefs and partial external information. These decisions, which move away from social thinking, often undermine our basic social worldview.  But if we examine these processes with a cultural eye, it seems that they never stop producing new forms of thinking and action.

The same is true when looking at the processes undergone by design, from the perspective of the graduates of the Master's Degree Program in Industrial Design. Here, too, it seems that the role of the designer in guiding a final object into the world is fading away, and is being replaced in turn by mechanisms that investigate, play, debate, and train us into an uncertain space - in spiritual, political, technological, and scientific prisms.

The Event Horizon exhibition, which will open the "Greenhouse" series as part of the Design Biennale at the Eretz Israel Museum, will present a series of works, events, and interactions that examine the uncertain space, and offer new ways to act within it. 

Students, graduates, and supervisors are invited to propose works that respond to this brief. The scales of the works can be different, as well as the mediums required to present them.


The proposal must include: 

A brief description of the project - context, concept, and product.

Images of the project, and if available, of its placement in space.

Special audiovisual requirements if required.

Project development options for the exhibition.

Proposals can be submitted until November 1, 2022 to the email: Title: The Event Horizon - Call for Submission.