The winners of the Micha Kirchner Photography Award have been announced | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

The winners of the Micha Kirchner Photography Award have been announced

Ben Alon and Shawn Halperin from the Photography Department
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On the day of the annual symposium in honor of the photographer Micha Kirchner, held by the Department of Photography and Screen-based Arts at the WIZO Haifa Academy of Design and Education, and in cooperation with the Haifa Museum, the winners of the annual award, donated by the Kirchner and Ben Yami Family, were announced.

Ben Alon, a student from the Department of Photography, won the second prize. Alon created a fascinating series in which objects are photographed, detached from any location and context. The camera and the act of photography transform these objects and a new and intriguing reality is created, which raises questions without a definitive answer. Through simple and precise still life photographs, Alon breaks down the connection between the image, the text, and the actual reality, and presents manipulative photographs in which there is no manipulation other than their creation and presentation.

תמונה של דף נייר סופג על רקע שיש בגווני כחול צילום: בן אלון
Ben Alon, The Gate of Mercy, 2021

A commendation was awarded to the work of Shawn Halperin, a student from the Department of Photography.

צילום בשחור לבן - אישה עומדת במטבח וחותכת ירקות על קרש חיתוך
Sean Halperin, 'Breakfast', 2021

The award was launched in 2021 with the aim of promoting the art of photography and video among young creators at the start of their journey. The judging committee was made up of leading professionals from the field of photography and art, and a representative of the donor families. The criteria for winning were based on originality, innovation, and a unique artistic fingerprint.