An Open Call | A research grant in the field of Jewish Creation | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

An Open Call | A research grant in the field of Jewish Creation

(Material or Visual)
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Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem is honored to launch the seventh annual call for a research grant in the field of Jewish creation, donated by Raanan and Nicole Agus. The call is open to all research dealing with the fields of art, painting, sculpture, architecture and sacred objects related to Jewish culture. In the research it is possible to refer to the design, artistic, visual, material, social, economic or political significance of these fields, as well as in development studies in this field. Both theoretical and applied research proposals can be submitted.

Grant amount: NIS 25,000
Research period: one year from the date of grant receipt

Applications must include the following elements:
1. Academic resume file
2. Research proposal (in Hebrew or English, up to 5 pages)

Structure of the research proposal:

  • The title of the research in Hebrew and English.
  • The research question.
  • Scientific background - reference to previous research relevant to the topic of the proposal.
  • The importance of the proposed research - reference to the dimension of innovation and the future contribution of the research to the research field.
  • The research plan - how the research will be carried out methodologically while specifying milestones.
  • The results of the research - is it theoretical or applied research, and what are the expected results?
  • Bibliography

The call is open to all Bezalel teaching staff who are employed for at least 4 weekly hours per year.

Research proposals should be sent to

Deadline for submission:
February 22, 2024 | 18:00