Students from the Department of Visual Communication Designed an Illustrated cover for the CHERY Car | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Students from the Department of Visual Communication Designed an Illustrated cover for the CHERY Car

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As part of a unique collaboration between Bezalel’s Department of Visual Communication and the CHERY Automobile Company, illustrations by department students were printed on the exterior of a CHERY FX EV model electric car.

The collaboration is in the framework of the departmental course “Illustration in the Real World” taught by Anat Warshavsky, in which the students were asked to propose an illustration for the body of the car that would create a new and original look. In only a few weeks, the students managed to produce an array of new figurative languages ​​for the car, creating a three-dimensional visual story.

Fourth year student May Talan was awarded first place, and her illustration was printed on the car’s exterior and placed at the front of the Academy. Talan’s illustration shows a chain of human figures holding hands in a flowing dance that encircles the car. The figures’ simple geometric forms nevertheless radiate warmth, humanity and love. The dancers’ dynamic free movement contrasts with the car’s hard exterior to create an interesting, eye-catching relationship.

מכונית עם עיצוב מאוייר
Winning design, May Talan (Photo: Daniel Abergel)

The CHERY car brand from Freesbe, which launched in Israel about a year and a half ago, shows that love is the guiding principle of its manufacturer in every aspect of the car’s creation, which includes attention to the smallest details to guarantee drivers a complete and happy experience every time they get behind the wheel. Amir Belcher, CEO of CHERY Israel said about the project: “The collaboration with Bezalel, one of the most important and prominent academies in Israel, creates a special connection between technology and art, with the word ‘love’ the link and inspiration for the unique and spectacular designs the Bezalel students came up with for CHERY. In a place where art is centered on expression and experience, and design on building an optimal user experience, the combining of these two fields provide the framework for creating things and experiences that are not only functional, but also inspiring, profound and exciting. We at freesbe believe that in today’s world we will see a growing need to adapt cars to the personal tastes and styles of their occupants, including the car exterior, and we are proud of being the first to do it.”

Anat Warshavsky, course instructor and lecturer in the Department of Visual Communication at Bezalel: “The projects that excelled were equipped with a unique language and managed to produce dynamism and storytelling on the car. They extracted the elegance from a heavy vehicle while complimenting its shape and adding value and uniqueness to it. The connection of the world of illustration with the world of the heavy industry of the automobile produces a spectacular result that exceeded all expectations.”

“The opportunity to use a car as the platform for illustration gives students the opportunity to break away from the familiar boundaries of the page, a move that requires thinking and adapting stylistically to the car itself,” says Amit Trainin, head of illustration in the Department of Visual Communication at Bezalel, about the work process, adding, “this is in addition to the importance of meeting with clients from the real world whose demands are often different from what students were used to within the walls of the academy, a challenge that is an important step in preparing for real life outside.”