Culture Club #6 | Empathy as a design research tool | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

Culture Club #6 | Empathy as a design research tool


The Department of Visual Communication invites you to a series of digital cultural events across domains and continents. This week we are hosting Roy Rub from Studio Topos Graphics for a conversation with Dana Gaz titled 'Empathy as a design research tool or: How I learned to see the solution and not the problem in our clients'.

Topos Graphics is a design studio established in 2005 by Seth Labenz and Roy Rub. The New York-Atlanta axis collaboration provides a response to a large number of needs and challenges: logo design, branding, motion design, print, advertising, signage, social media, environmental design and product design. Some of the studio's recent projects were: rebranding Oolite Arts Art Organization from Miami, marking 30 years of activity, Designing the "We Fight to Build a New World: An Exhibition by Jonathan Horowitz at the Jewish Museum in New York, and a one hour long foot to ceiling 360 degrees animation presentation, on top of the famous Dendur Temple in the New York Metropolitan Museum, on the occasion of a gala marking 125th anniversary of Meryl International. In addition the Topos Graphics Studio also acted as the creative directors of the Jewish Museum in New York.

Roy Rub is the manager and co-founder of Topos Graphics. He holds a B.F.A Degree from the Cooper Union Institute (2006). Prior to his studies at Cooper Union, he studied at Bezalel from 2001-2004.

The meeting will be held as both a discussion and lecture and is open to the public.

Monday | 15.3.21 | 20:00

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