The things male & female painters have to say | Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Jerusalem

The things male & female painters have to say


The Art Department hereby invites the public to a series of online lectures focused on painting, enabling students to meet leading female and male painters, discuss components used in their working process and ask questions about what interests them. As part of the series, local master painters will be hosted next to young painters.

The meetings of the series will be held every Sunday at 19:00 via Zoom.

The fifth session will host Gabriel Klasmer, one of Bezalel's Art Department most prominent artists during the mid 1970's. During those years, he stood out in his collaboration with Sharon Keren, in avant-garde  display works which integrated political and artistic statements.

Since the 1980's until today Klasmer has been identified in his paintings with questions about mechanism and action which create a wide variety of images, sometimes abstracts and at times figurative. Klasmer holds a PhD from the Royal College (RCA) in London, served as the head of the "Midrasha" Art School between the years 2014-2018, won many awards and lives and works between Jerusalem and London.

Sunday | 4.4.21 | 19:00

Link to join the meeting: