Yakir Bezalel Award Winners for 2021: Yael Bartana, Arye Kurzweil and Salim Joubran

יקירי בצלאל מצולמים זה לצד זה
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The Yakir Bezalel Award is the highest honor that can be bestowed upon an individual by the Bezalel Academy. It is presented to those whose endeavors and outstanding commitment contributed to the betterment of Bezalel Academy, to its tradition of quality and excellence in arts & design education or to the advancement of Art and Design in Israel and/or abroad.

The Yakir Bezalel Award truly represents and reflects the values of Bezalel, as well as its strong belief that through Art and Design we have the power to change, shape and strengthen the society we live in.

The Yakir Bezalel Award is hereby bestowed upon Justice Salim Joubran

For his many years of service as a Supreme Court Justice; for his significant contribution to the Israeli Judicial System in advancing equity, equality and the rights of minorities in Israel; and for his commendable efforts in strengthening the relationship between the Arab and Jewish communities of the State of Israel.


The Yakir Bezalel Award is hereby granted to Yael Bartana

For her innovative and ground-breaking artistic work; for her uncompromising exploration of controversial subjects which promote discussion and critical observation; and for her significant contribution to the promotion and advancement of Israeli art and the world of international contemporary art. 


The Yakir Bezalel Award is bestowed upon Professor Arye Kurzweil

For his many years of service at Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design Jerusalem; for his significant contribution in teaching generations of designers and architects; and for advancing the field of technical design and its teaching in Israel in benefit of the design of spaces and products and for the promotion and development of this industry in Israel.


On July 14, 2021, the winners received the Yakir Bezalel Prize in a beautiful ceremony.