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Honors Track in Visual Culture, Curatorship and Criticism

A bachelor's degree and a master's degree in four years
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In the 2023 academic year, a new track will be opened for outstanding undergraduate students of Visual and Material Culture. The track will allow the completion of a bachelor's degree in Visual and Material Culture and a master's degree in Arts Policy and Theory within four years. Students in the track will study the curriculum of the Department of Visual and Material Culture over the course of the first two years; in the third year the remainder of the bachelor's degree studies will be combined with the first year of the master's degree in Policy and Theory of the Arts (with certain adjustments), while in the fourth year they will study the second year of the master's degree and complete their requirements for the degree.

The new track will enable students to delve deeper into the fields of contemporary art, visual culture, curation, and criticism. It will provide the basis for research in these areas and lead to the writing of a research thesis. It will enable familiarization with the current art and design discourse in Israel and the world, and active participation in it. It will encourage intellectual and critical action in the fields of visual culture, curatorial work, and practical management of artistic projects. The track will include seminars, dedicated courses, and educational tours at international art exhibitions and events.

Admission to the track will be completed at the end of the second year of bachelor’s degree studies in Visual and Material Culture. The third academic year will consist of two combined academic years, and the tuition will be adjusted accordingly. At the same time, it will be possible to apply for an incentive scholarship.

Admission: An average of over 90, submission of a candidacy file, and a personal interview.

In order to apply, applicants must fill out the registration form

After submitting the application, applicants will be required to submit, by July 31, a candidate file that includes:

A letter presenting the applicant's interests, a statement of intention for the future, a grade transcript, a letter of recommendation from a lecturer from Bezalel, and a sample paper written as part of undergraduate studies.

Registration closing date
Saturday | July 29, 2023

Interview date
Monday | August 7, 2023